My Objects of Beauty World

January 19, 2016

My Objects of Beauty World

To all seekers of exquisite beauty, haunting romance, spiritual grace and daring adventure, welcome to Objects of Beauty!

I'm Andrea Record, an artist, shopkeeper, horsewoman and lover of life.  It's so funny, defining oneself, to speak out loud the person you've become, to the world.  I've inadvertently chosen four titles, and what is interesting is how all of them weave in and out of one another.  Thankfully the last one encompasses all the tidbits that would require a list that would circle the globe 50 times!

Sculpture, lighting, working in the film industry and the desire to live closer to earth are what drew me to live on the edge of California's coastline.  I literally walk from my home to the bluff to take in the salt air and behold the waves in whatever mood they present every day.

My shop, Studio Nouveau, magically appeared in my vision in what now feels like a vintage year, 2000. Then, and to this day, my drive is to bring gorgeous, scrumptious, elegant, thoughtful, sensuous and romantic items to my world, and to share them with you.

Objects of Beauty is a website that follows my, which I'll refer to as  After running for 8 years, I was asked to shut it down, due to trade mark issues with its owner.  I hope that my beloved following isn't too disturbed by the alteration in venues.  My goal is to continue to stock and share the Liquid Metal Jewelry line designed by Sergio Gutierrez, to provide the same, excellent service you know us for, and expand with treasures we all will love and cherish, which enlighten our lives with their soulfulness, and bring us joy. 

Several lines that I'm super excited about are Manos Zapotecas 100% woven wool bags, Jonathan Beall's Sertodo Copper, Boots Raven Designs, from the delightful Kelly Matthews.  Mike Moir is one of my favorite, all time Photographers, and Santa Fe Stoneworks is a fabulous, family made line of hand crafted knives that I think are really special.

I urge you to visit us in one of the most beautiful parts of our planet earth, at Studio Nouveau, nestled within a little village just north of San Francisco, in Duncans Mills.
Here is a link to where to find us:

You'd do us a great honor if you'll share us with the people in your lives, via our Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and whatever email platform you use.

Stay tuned for our Objects Of Beauty community pages, where we invite you to post pictures of your favorite goodies.  We LOVE to see them in action and the many, smiling and beautiful  faces we've shared them with!

Never hesitate to contact us with ideas, questions or if you just want to say "Hello!"
You are loved and welcomed!

With great warmth,

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