A Simple Favor, Not-so-Simple Flavor: Smoky Mezcal with Mango

September 24, 2018

A Simple Favor, Not-so-Simple Flavor: Smoky Mezcal with Mango

Last week, new film A Simple Favor was in theaters and we dashed out to see it on a rainy evening. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a bit of a genre-bending thriller/comedy/drama starring blonde beauty Blake Lively who oozes chic in a number of stunning menswear-inspired suit ensembles topped with beguiling hats. Her costars are a series of very cold gin martinis. Also Anna Kendrick.


I finished reading the novel that the film was based upon earlier in the week before watching the movie. And while those martinis certainly looked slurpable on the big screen, it’s actually another cocktail that keeps appearing throughout the novel -- but evidently didn’t make it into the screenplay -- that made me run out to the liquor store as soon as I put the book down: mezcal and mango juice, with a kick of chili powder on the rim.

As we turn the corner into fall, I know I’ll be borrowing two things from Lively’s scheming character Emily all season long:

1. This mango cocktail, bright with a little autumnal smoke and fire, courtesy of the mezcal and chili -- I’ll be mixing mine from this stunning Sertodo Boston Maraka set and sipping from this cupSee below for recipe

2. A reminder that a great hat takes an outfit up a notch in the best possible way, and easily adds that effortless chicness, polish and comfort all at the same time -- I won’t leave home without one this fall. Check out our new hats here; with everything from faux fur to elegant top hats, we've got you covered (pun intended!) through winter and beyond, for every style or mood. 

Smoky Mezcal with Mango

2oz Mezcal

6oz Mango nectar

¼ cup fine sugar

1 tsp chili powder

Lime wedges

Stir sugar and chili powder together in a shallow dish. Rim copper cup with lime wedge then dip into the sugar and chili mixture.

Shake mezcal, mango nectar, and a squeeze of lime in a cocktail shaker topped with ice, pour into your spicy-rimmed cup.



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