...believing that everything is possible..

October 30, 2016

...believing that everything is possible..

'Begin at this moment believing that everything is possible. It may take some  experimentation, but it is very exciting. No longer allow “If”, “Could”, “Might”, “Maybe”, and other such words to enter your internal dialogue. Using all of your senses, see, smell, feel, hear, taste, and dream the reality you wish to experience.'  Andrea Record 

 Seeing this quote that I'd shared years ago resurface this morning was a wonderful reminder for me.  Let's all make time for our dreams, our affirmations, and ourselves.  No one else can do it for us.

The ValenTina, Rapt In Maille Simple Knot bracelet and necklace set has just arrived!  

And we're super excited introduce our ValenTino, His/Hers bracelet set!

Holidays are a-comin'.  We're ready!   

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