Donna Quixote Mule

September 20, 2017

Donna Quixote Mule

2 Moscow Mule 100% Copper Mugs (Important*) 
2 shots (4 oz.) High quality Tequila (We adore Patron Silver in our Cocktails)
1 Ginger Beer (Preferably a strong one, like Cock n Bull or Bendaberg)
2 Limes
Splash of Bitters
Dress with a Pinapple, Chili Dusted Orange or Lime Slice

For two Donna Quixote Mule Cocktails
Pour a strong Ginger Beer into a shaker with Ice
Squeeze 1-2 Limes, to taste
Add two shots Tequila
Splash 2 or 3 shakes of Bitters

Pour over ice filled 100% Copper Mugs
Garnish with Mint and Lime and
Sing, dance and ride your horse for the rest of the afternoon!

* Unless you use a 100%, non-lined copper vessel to drink your Mule from, you will miss out on the interaction of this special cocktail with the copper.  As you inhale to sip, you'll taste the subtle perfume of that interaction, and understand, " THAT's what a Moscow Mule is!".  

Shop now: Moscow 18 oz. Mule 
12 oz Moscow Mule

Tune in often, for variations on the Moscow Mule and other great cocktail recipes on this blog post. *.*


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