How To Use Tonight's New Moon To Set Powerful Intentions For 2017

December 28, 2016

How To Use Tonight's New Moon To Set Powerful Intentions For 2017

From one of my favorite sites, Mind Body Green, this article is just wonderful!

I'm plotting my cleanse right now, and will envision the coming year while doing so. Join me in the ritual!  Here it is:

Tonight's new moon is a powerful opportunity to reflect on your desires and plant new seeds for your life. It marks the start of a fresh cycle—a time when the moon is receptive and completely empty, ready to begin anew again. As the moon grows, the intentions you make under it will as well.

Here are some tips on how to utilize this special time to set renewed intentions so you can watch as your manifestations blossom with la luna.

Cleanse your space

Create a blank stage by cleansing your space using sage or other incense to rid it of all negative energy.

Cleanse your body

The new moon is an important time to cleanse your body—inside and out. In order to do so, take some deep, mindful breaths with the intention of clearing out all lingering negativity. I also like to drink herbal detoxing teas and take baths with Epsom and Himalayan salts to prepare for new opportunities. This is also a perfect time to enjoy a diet of unprocessed, plant-based foods or embark on a juice cleanse. Listen to your body and do what feels right.

Cleanse your mind

Clear your mind and soul with a short five-minute meditation. Empty your thoughts and say three ohms aloud to really center yourself.

Set your intentions

Once your space, body, and mind are clear, it's time to set new intentions. Start by writing down the goals and objectives you want to draw into your life. Then reflect on what you already have with a gratitude list. This will awaken a sense of appreciation and balance what you want with what you already have.

Once you have these two lists, read them aloud today and in the days to follow. Reciting your intentions will make your words even more powerful. Just like watering a new seed helps it grow, your intentions also need love and attention to blossom.

Use crystals and aromatherapy to guide you

The following crystals are especially powerful during the new moon. Before using them to manifest your intentions, cleanse them so they can really work their healing powers.

  • Moonstone: For enhancing feminine energy and self-expression
  • Clear quartz: For promoting a positive mindset
  • Aquamarine: For communicating with our higher selves

These essential oils can also guide you in your transition towards a fresh start.

  • Cypress: For cleansing, transitioning, and grounding
  • Ginger: For centering, grounding, and optimism
  • Cardamom: For creativity and openness
  • Citrus: For confidence and happiness

Add these oils to your diffuser, rub some on your temples, or add them to your detoxing bath.

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