In Reverence of Beauty

October 08, 2016

In Reverence of Beauty

In reverence of beauty, we tend to our skin, to our bones and figures. 

We listen to what speaks to us; beautiful quotes, the stories of our friends, the vibration of a particular color, a captivating scent, a flowing lace blouse, or perfectly fitting pair of jeans. 

We bring light into our kitchens, and mirrors to catch expressions we never knew we made...reflections of our cats and dogs as they search into our eyes.

Our breath bounces off of those mirrors too, reflecting our life force which,
like a metronome, whispers out into the universe our affirmations, our greatest wishes,
and our prayers.  It lovingly carries those whispers...where they swirl and mingle
with the cosmos passing through forests, ruffling wild fur, tickle vegetable gardens,
and come full circle, to become our personal realities.

Beauty is this life. It is the world we choose to focus on. It fills the voids in our busy
selves, reminding us to be thoughtful in our personal actions, in how we relate to
those around us, and asks us to love our gorgeous, unique selves...thoroughly. 
Pamper you.  Kiss you.  I love you!

Please write to me if you are inspired!
Andrea Record

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