Our Guide to the Skyler White Bracelets

October 03, 2018

Our Guide to the Skyler White Bracelets

Do you know what we get the most questions about here at Objects of Beauty? Breaking Bad character Skyler White’s stunning stack of Liquid Metal bracelets. Though it’s been years since the show first aired, you keep falling in love with the silvertone bracelets that glint on actress Anna Gunn’s wrists throughout most of the series. And we don’t blame you! We love them too. Skyler White’s bracelets are at once understated chic and eye-catching statement pieces. They suggest a confident, put-together look but with a nod to sensual femininity.

Skyler actually wears four different bracelets throughout the series, two Flinging Arrows together in the early seasons, and later a Trishna alongside a Lauren’s Answer.

So to answer your question, yes, we carry the Skyler White bracelets, and yes, we love to outfit you with the Skyler White look, or help you find your own stunning stack to make the look your own! See below for our Skyler White cheat sheet, or reach us at 877 799 7007 or info@objectsofbeauty.com with any questions!

For those of you seeking to match Skyler’s bracelet look, here are the pieces she wears:

  Flinging Arrows worn double.


  Trishna and

  Lauren's Answer.

If you love the way she stacks her bracelets but want to customize the look, here are some suggestions for other pairings we love.

~Go triple! Try stacking three different bracelets for a luscious layered look. Liquid Diamond, Lauren’s Answer, and Mini Gina make a great set!

~Amp it up a little with double Diamond Stream! Subtly wider than the Flinging Arrows, the easy-to-wear Diamond Stream takes the drama up a notch when doubled -- it’s a perennial favorite.

~For a slightly sleeker look without losing any of the power and drama of the Skyler white style, try a single wider width bracelet like the Niobe or Pandora.

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