Sertodo Copper at Studio Nouveau

September 21, 2017

Sertodo Copper at Studio Nouveau

It has been said that our Sertodo Copper display at Studio Nouveau is reminiscent of a shrine.  It wasn't a stretch to agree with those customers... we love it so!

Studio Nouveau, of course, is the home of; comfortably situated in the little western village, Duncans Mills in the middle of California's original wine country, in Sonoma County.  Not to be confused with the town, Sonoma, which is on the eastern side of the county on the other side of the mountain, and hour + away.  We're in West Sonoma County...which is a magical world unto itself.  Studio Nouveau/ is 15 minutes from the giant, primeval Sequoia Redwoods in Armstrong Woods, and only 10 minutes from Jenner, where the Russian River meets the magnificent Pacific Ocean!  

You can fly into the Sonoma County Airport , only 45 minutes from our boutique.

We LOVE meeting with our customers!  So please, visit us soon!

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