A Solstice to Dream By: My Favorite Day of the Year

December 21, 2020

A Solstice to Dream By: My Favorite Day of the Year

For many years, I've thought so fondly of the Winter's Solstice, that I deemed it 'My favorite day of the year'.

It means 'hope' to me, because although December 21st, in the USA anyway, is the longest day of the year, it's the darkest.

And that means that come midnight, the light will grow, bringing us longer and longer days...which gives me such joy!  Just the thought of that coming light, and how it feels having the sun's rays seeping back into the earth around us, filling the shadows with light beings, turning grays into blues, and browns into reds and oranges.  And then there's the heat; I feel so at peace when I'm not struggling to stay warm.
As you may or may not have heard, this 2020 Solstice will bring the near alignment of our two largest planets, Jupiter and Saturn.  Jupiter will float in front of the ringed planet, and form what either looks like a super star, or a snowman, depending on who you ask. One lady said, “It’s a very elegant phenomenon.", which of course I just loved!  laughing...  For all of us observing celestial bodies, interpreting their whirling dances, and chance alignments, which from our teensy perspective create eclipses and upon which we place such value, is simply beautiful. From the scientific to the psychic, historically speaking or spiritually believing, these events stir our human condition...and that in itself is elegant! 

And so it is with this 'Special Solstice'.  It only seems right that we should pray, visualize, intend, chant and create ritual around such beauty. This particular alignment, the first of it's kind in 800 years simply must exude a magical influence that will magnify any dreams we cast into play!

New Dreams - New Beginnings

I'm already aligning my intention with this great celestial celebration.  It's time for new dreams, new beginnings...and as you know, there's no time like the present to see, feel, smell and create them!

Still working on my construction plans for the house...

"My new home, high on a mountain overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains is coming into being. The soil is awaiting the seeds I'll plant, the cats are sunning themselves in the upper barn as they look down upon a very happy horse (Mortana). A rich bone soup is brewing, an experimental pineapple probiotic is growing in a large glass jar, fruits and berries fill gorgeous bowls on our large country table. Flowers abound from every window, with Daisies, Blue Bells, Roses, every kind of Lobelia, and an abundance of Borage and Poppies! Fig trees, Pomegranate, Persimmon, Pink Apple, Meyer Lemon, Kumquat and Nectarine flourish, and the scent of Orange Blossom and Jasmine wafts through the windows and French doorways.  For some reason flies don't come into this house!  laughing...  A yummy man is gentling Mortana's new companion horse/s.  Soon they'll be romping together, racing around the property, tails swishing, and watching over our land from the top of the hill!

The kind, sweet, smart and hysterically funny man's flannel lined jacket is hanging in the mudroom.  Our boots are leaning into one another.  He's just finished plans for Mom's cabin and is finishing his mysterious book. Mom is walking the dogs to our mailbox down the Cypress lined, meandering lane.  I can see them happily exploring the flowers along the way. Her cabin is surrounded by Dogwood trees, and her boyfriend is tinkering with the tractor, preparing to sow the pasture.

Melanie is in her conservatory up through the forest. We've just finished her tiny floating house.
At it's center is a beautiful meditation parlor, filled with a labyrinth of crystals and light. Her path comes into the garden where she's working alongside the chickens, sowing greens and building climbing tomato string walls. She and Mom will make Goat Cheese this weekend!

Tomorrow, friends will arrive with their horses. The barn is ready with fresh shavings, and turns out to the 5 acre pasture on the backside.  A Maple, White Pine, Fraser, Oak and Balsam Fir forest with beautifully flowing trails, stone walls and creeks surround the property and butt up to National forests with thousands of miles of trails and wilderness. 

A large campfire is laid for the evening's entertainment, with cozy wicker armchairs, carved logs and swings surrounding it. Colorful Alpaca blankets are nestled in a trunk in case of a cool breeze.

The covered entertainment area is for rainy nights and hot days. 

The bar is equipped with every copper contraption known to the Mixologist's world. (Hint...click to see what's inside!)

I'm warming up my voice to sing.. and of course I've been preparing Lemon Meringue and Chocolate Meringue pies, Oxtail soup, pizza dough for the wood stoked brick oven, an array of vegetables to roast, and have planned the most beautiful salad you've ever seen.  Italian tiles create rich backdrops, both in the kitchen and in the outdoor dining area.  I hear there's going to be banjo, mandolin and guitarist coming, and some voices that'll invite every bird for miles to join in!  The spirits of the Sun and Moon, the Worms and Hawk, the Coyote, Wolf, Cougar and Bear are combining to collectively build this dream now and in the coming year!  Obviously, we'll go down in history for this collaboration!

A Special Alignment

This Monday, the 21st of December, 2020, a unique Solstice alignment will be visible right around, or just after sunset, between 7 and 8 PM, on the Southwestern sky low on the horizon. 

I've been watching these beautiful beasts of late.  They're quite enchanting to observe in foreplay! There are video broadcasts all over the world if you wish to tune in that way. Say there's cloud cover or something blocking your view?

Jupiter (brightest), Saturn (to the left), and the Milky Way over the Saskatchewan River - Image by Alan Dyer

Saturnalia was a pagan festival celebrated on the December Solstice, and was meant to be reminiscent of the Golden Age; a time where there was peace on Earth and Saturn was our Sun. The December Solstice was chosen for this day as it was said to signify a “return to the light.” You can read more on the festival of Saturnalia and why Saturn was considered the Sun during the Golden Age here
Whatever you do, I see you all laughing, probably because you're staying away from the news!
Sending you my Love, and dreams that you'll dream big, beginning now.
May your heart's desire become realized this Solstice!