Opening and Closing your Liquid Metal Earrings

September 29, 2020

Opening and Closing your Liquid Metal Earrings

Sometimes folks need a little help opening and closing the clasps on their SG Liquid Metal Earrings from Sergio Gutierrez.  This guide demonstrates the method we use and should help clarify how easy it is to open and close and securely fasten your earrings so you don't risk losing them.

To open: Tilt the earring so that both tips of the wires are intersecting.  That creates what looks at the top like an 'X'.  Grab the two tips and pinch them together as you pull outward.  Your earrings will 'Pop' open!
When you close them, be sure to listen for a 'click'. That way you'll know they're completely closed!
With a little practice, you'll have it down in no time.
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