Appalachia SG Liquid Metal Choker Necklace

"Well?" you ask.  "Is it banjo, or fiddle, a mandolin, or does she sing with a voice as sweet as a Swainson's Thrush at day break?  All of the above?  Oh...I see...she's one of those!  Magnificent creature, blessed creature, thank you for gracing our earth!"

Appalachia wears one of these choker/necklaces.  You may very well channel her when you snug this round that fine neck of yours!  The pattern matches our SG Liquid Metal Mini Gina bracelet.

Appalachia SG Liquid Metal Choker Necklace has an Easy Snap Closure with four positions to adjust the fit.  Measures 14-1/2" x 5/8"

Made in the USA

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Authentic Sergio Gutierrez Design ~ SG Liquid Metal Jewelry
Complimentary Velvet Pouch

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