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Practice the ancient Ayurvedic tradition of soaking one's drinking water in a copper vessel overnight with our Apa Copper Cup 12 oz. by Sertodo Copper. In the morning, you'll sip on a cool water that has been ionized and infused with anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Feel the difference!

Our hand-hammered 12 oz. Apa cups are great for drinking all sorts of other beverages too.

Our favorite, finely crafted, recycled copper works are from Sertodo Copper.  Designed by a delightful Austin Texas artisan named Jonathan Beall.

Also available in 18 oz. (See additional photo with Bisotun Pitcher)

Copper Care: Wash and immediately and completely dry your copper items after use to prevent spotting!

When not dried immediately, spotting can occur due to the trace amounts of chemicals in your tap water that can cause a reaction with the copper. Some people don't mind this spotting; they will actually let it build up on the cup over time into a matte patina finish that many folks find appealing.

Many people love the natural patina that occurs from letting copper age on its own.

If you prefer the original bright shine from when you first got your Sertodo Copper hand hammered products, don't worry! You can easily return them to that original condition with a quick polish.  We prefer Write's Copper Polish.  Wash your item with warm, soapy water and using the soft side of a sponge, polish it, wash clean and dry thoroughly.  The fire and spirit of the copper will beam forth, once again!.

Made In Austin, Texas USA and Santa Clara del Cobre, Michoacan Mexico

Many of our products have been featured in Cowboys & Indians Magazine.  These are also part of our Yellowstone Spirit Southwestern Collection!
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