Brown Top Hat Short

Although others have made history wearing short top hats, Johnny Depp is the one who cemented this handsome piece of head wear into my mind when he wore one in the riveting, existential Jim Jarmusch film, Dead Man.  (Synopsis at end) 

Style it up, roll back the wheels of time, and hop on a train to the Old West, whilst wearing our stylish Short Brown Top Hat.  

Wool Felt with Ribbon Band
Women's Medium ~ Men's Small

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Synopsis: 'Dead Man is the story of a young man's journey, both physically and spiritually, into very unfamiliar terrain. William Blake travels to the extreme western frontiers of America sometime in the 2nd half of the 19th century. Lost and badly wounded, he encounters a very odd, outcast Native American, named "Nobody", who believes Blake is actually the dead English poet of the same name. The story, with Nobody's help, leads William Blake through situations that are in turn comical and violent. Contrary to his nature, circumstances transform Blake into a hunted outlaw, a killer, and a man whose physical existence is slowly slipping away. Thrown into a world that is cruel and chaotic, his eyes are opened to the fragility that defines the realm of the living. It is as though he passes through the surface of a mirror, and emerges into a previously-unknown world that exists on the other side.'

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