Honey Love Rapt In Maille Chain-Mail Bracelet

Honey Love Rapt In Maille Chain-Mail Bracelet gathers her powerful nature from the Queen Bee, whose sweet, adaptable and nutritious prismatic nest nurtures not only her family, but ours as well.  The hexagon symbolizes prosperity, fertility, good health, and even weather magic!

An intricate chainmaille hexagon bracelet with a 'cut-out' in the center.  Carefully measured and cut chains keep the chainmail shape intact.  A beautiful, reverse angled chain-mail design finishes each end, as they meet with the tube clasp closure. This fine bracelet is perfect from every direction, due to this lovely detailing.

Standard size measures 2." x 7.5"

Composed of durable stainless steel; this metal does not require polishing unless it is soiled.  People with metal allergies are rarely adversely affected by stainless steel. 

Marry with Dakota Hexagonal Chainmail Necklace (As seen in additional photo)

Gorgeous photos by Audrey Tarris Photography http://www.akphotodesign.com

Complimentary Gift Pouch
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