Andrea's Cat SG Liquid Metal Bracelet

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"You may wonder, 'How can I leave it all behind if I am just coming back to it?  How can I make a new beginning if I simply return to the old?'  The answer lies in the return.  You will not come back to the 'same old thing.'  What you return to has changed because you have changed.  Your perceptions will be altered.  You will not incorporate into the same body, status, or world you left behind.  The river has been flowing while you were gone. Now it does not look like the same river."
Stephen Foster

Lace-like, the Andrea's Cat SG Liquid Metal Bracelet is the epitome ofgrace.  It falls onto the hand unlike any other bracelet I've known; often peeking out from under a sleeve. (mmm...mysterious).  

Lovely layered, as in the third image!
Note the the color of this bracelet is like the 3rd image. Photography lighting alters the colors, hence the darker color in first picture.

See the sister necklace here: Natasha's Collar Necklace

Nickel plated, mesh ball chain 

Easy Snap Closure

Standard Size Measures 7-1/2" x 2-1/4"
Made in the USA

Authentic Sergio Gutierrez Design ~ SG Liquid Metal Jewelry
Complimentary Velvet Pouch

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Customer Reviews

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Yolanda R Ramirez
Cat Bracelet

I bought this bracelet at your store in
Duncan Mills many years ago. A year ago my best friend, loved it, I had to give it to her. I’ve done that with Skyler White bracelet which I bought for my cousin. I’am finally replacing Cat bracelet. I just love this jewelry.

Yippee Yolanda! I’m so pleased to hear that you got Andrea‘s cat back into your life. I personally can’t live without her either.. She’s my favorite of all the designs Sergio has ever made. And after my begging him for the last 25 years, he’s begun, making them in gold plate, for those who love gold.. I have many earrings to match, and hope to see you back in these parts soon. Lovingly, Andrea .

shirley oxborough

Love this bracelet! It has good weight of quality n nice n cool on the wrist

Diane Chadwell

Wish it had more of a drape all the way around

Abel Gonzalez

I have been buying from Andrea for several years now and always a pleasure to do business with. The bracelet a bought for my wife to compliment a necklace I gotten her earlier from Objects of Beauty.
Also the best prices!!!

Diana Brito
My favorite bracelet

I own several bracelets and earrings in Liquid Metal. I love each of them, but Andrea’s Cat is my favorite of all. The way it drapes from my wrist to my hand is reminiscent of vintage lace. It is a special piece, and I get compliments every time I wear it.

Diana from San Francisco

Of COURSE it's your favorite my Darling Friend! It's that Sistah thing we've always had going!
Wishing you an absolutely AWESOME New Year!
Hope to send more magic your way soon.
Love you,