Sky Blue Rectangular Turquoise Beth Dutton Like Ring | Yellowstone Spirit Southwestern Collection

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Another find whilst journeying into the land of Beth Dutton Turquoise Rings!  Although not an exact replica, I've done my best to find artists to create similar pieces to what Kelly Riley wears on the Yellowstone TV Series.

This one, an Sky Blue Oblong, or Rectangular Turquoise is set in a lovely crown-like Sterling Silver with a dotted edged bezel, and comes very close to the one our delightfully devious heroine was wearing in Taylor Sheridan's Yellowstone.  It's dual shank makes for a perfect balance.

Kelly Rielly does such a great job with that roll.. we're in awe!

~ Genuine Turquoise
~ 925 Sterling

Note that stones vary in color, shape and matrix, and may be a flatter oval, or more domed and wider.

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