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Yellowstone's Beth Dutton would certainly have worn this square turquoise ring, with aqua turquoise and brown matrix if she'd had it! 

The Offering is a ring that feels like an altar, where a Navajo ritual will take place, with a turquoise lake in the heavens where we go to cleanse the spirit and mind. 

Tsohanoai, the Navajo Sun God is represented by the golden sun detail on the Sterling Silver shank.

A must have, affordable ring for any turquoise collector.

This will make a great man's or woman's ring.
Available in sizes 6-10

~ Genuine Reconstituted Turquoise with Brown Matrix
~ Faux Silver

Select from dropdown sizes 6-10
Note that genuine turquoise stones vary in shape and matrix, and may be a flatter oval, or more domed and wider.

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Customer Reviews

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maria pereira
Too heavy

Although it is a very nice ring, it does feel very heavy on my finger.
It is a shame but I am looking into returning the item.

Sherri Stevens
Badass Beth Ring!

I love The Offering Turquoise Matrix Ring! I was looking for a "Beth Dutton" (Yellowstone) style ring. When I discovered this ring, I was thrilled! It's beautiful, badass, and very high quality! Highly recommend!