Mint Julep Sertodo Copper Cup

Is it the way you muddle, crush, or smash the fresh spearmint leaves with a twist of the wrist, the magical words you chant as you're pouring your soft and sweet, wheated Kentucky bourbon, or the spicy rye variety over shaved ice and artfully squirting a long, tall dash of sugar syrup from a foot away?  Or is it the impeccable, hand hammered copper Mint Julep Cup you've served it in, that guarantees whichever horse you're betting on will win?  Certainly the eyes of every woman and man in the room is on you.

Sertodo recyled copper Mint Julep Cup will hold the cold, delivering this classic Derby Day drink to parched lips on a hot summer day, and you'll know you're living. Toast to one of the great moments in life, and toast to Austin Texas' Jonathan Beall, who designed this rare beauty! 

Don't limit yourself to Mint Juleps here.  This cup keeps your Mojitos, beer, and even your virgin pomegranate spritzer extra cold!

Crafted by master artisans in Michoacan, Mexico.
Holds 12 oz.

  • A beautiful hammered copper twist on your classic libation
  • Our hammer polish beats shine, durability and unique beauty into every piece.
  • Heavy gauge, pure copper from 100% recycled sources
  • Unique style and superior quality, Sertodo wares will give you beautiful service that lasts for generations.
Made in Texas, USA and Mexico
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