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As if I needed an excuse to sip my favorite tequilas!  This darling new addition to my rather extensive shot glass collection is the one I grab now.  And do I save it exclusively for my tequila?  No way!  A pair of them sit on my coffee table, amongst green pebbles, a copper horse shoe, hand made for me by my favorite farrier, where tiny bottles of precious perfumes are nestled.  I've used them for mini bouquets, which are great baby gifts, wedding gifts, or just a little something for my neighbor who took care of my cats while I was away. Speaking of which, these are great traveling and picnic shot cups!

4 of these presented on a Napa Round Bottle Coaster make a wonderful gift.

Custom engraving is also available.

Celebrating classic style and ancient craft, our Tequilero shot cup is inspired by the traditional ‘Caballito,’ meaning ‘little horse,’ the tall and thin shot cup, ideal for shooting, sipping or popping your favorite tequila! At the party, pull these elegant tiny cups from the ice bucket to bring forward the cold, wet metal profile, offering balance and complexity to your preferred Tequila or any fine spirit.

2 fluid ounce shot cups measure 2.5" tall, with a 1.5" wide mouth

Keep these in the ice bucket or freezer until you're ready to sip, shoot or pop your favorite tequila to add a cool balanced profile to your favorite spirit.

Unique style, superior quality, and the fire and spirit of the coals and master artisans who make these give our exquisite copper wares beautiful service that lasts for generations.

Made from heavy gauge, pure copper, from 100% recycled sources for a healthier Environment.

Copper is an inherently clean material with strong natural antimicrobial, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Crafted by master artisans in Austin, Texas USA and Santa Clara del Cobre, Michoacan Mexico

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