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A handsome, handmade, ergonomically designed hunting knife with a 396 layer Damascus blade!  Any hunter or knife collector will love this straight blade knife.

Custom Handmade 9.5 Inches Damascus Steel Hunting Knife Wooden Handle Damascus Guards. Hand stitched leather sheath included.

Damascus Steel Skinner Knife with gorgeous Rosewood Handle Knife and brass braiding detail. Great for Domestic/Commercial Use. Designed for an excellent grip.

Overall Length 9.5""
Handle 4.25"
Blade Length5.25"
Weight 300 gram (each - knife and sheath for a total of 600 grams)

Complimentary high quality, hand-stitched leather scabbard or sheath is included. This protects your knife and makes it easy to carry. (Note, Damascus knives shouldn't be stored for long periods in leather. Oil to keep them from rusting.)

This is true Damascus as opposed to an acid etch. Damascus is a mixture of 1095HC and 15N20 nickel carbon. It's heated together and then the bar is folded over and over to achieve the desired layers, this being 396 layers! The blade is then burned acid where the nickel satin color is revealed, and the high carbon steel become a deep gray.  All Damascus is acid etched to show the layers. If you high polish the metal it will be shiny satin like all steels. Only after you burn the sides of the blade with acid do you see the layers of the two steels. The handles are then high polished and edge is put on the blade.

Yellowstone Lovers Rejoice!  Rip, Kayce and John will definitely carry this baby!
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