Alizarin Dream | Handwoven Wool Horse Tote | Black Horse on Red Field

Manos Zapotecas

An exclusive, Alizarin Dream wool horse tote features a running black horse on red field. This dramatic, handwoven 100% wool tote is the perfect size bag for the woman who likes to have everything she'll need for the unexpected!

Hand woven in 100% wool, in Oaxaca, Mexico, by Manos Zapotecas artisans, Josephina, and Paco.

The weaving for this Gloria style, (the perfect, weekender, or always have everything on hand  bag) takes about 3 days. It's then washed before sewing a beautiful, black cotton lining into the interior, complete with a lined cell phone and smaller essentials pocket, zipper closure and two leather handles.

This is fine craftsmanship at its best, in design and function, and a steal at this price!

Measures approximately 13.5" x 18" x 3.5"
100% Wool
Handwoven Body
Two leather handles
Sturdy Brass Zipper
Black Cotton Lining

One Interior, Zipper-Close 8" x 5" pocket

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Exclusive Wool Horse Bags

Manos Zapotecas is a Member of the Fair Trade Federation.
Josephina and Paco are paid fairly for their time and artistic skills.

By earning fair wages, our weavers can feed and educate their families while making enough profit to grow their businesses.  With your help, we are investing in their future.'

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A little history on the artists who created our horse bags:

Josefina is one of Manos Zapoteca’s original and most prolific bag designers.  She is from a town in South Western Mexico, called Tlacochahuaya, near the town of Teotitlan, where she lives now with her husband Paco and their four children. Instead of growing up weaving as many of our artisans did, she comes from a farming family and didn’t begin to learn the craft until after she was married.

Josefina has been married to Manos Zapotecas' Production Manager Paco for over 20 years. They met when they were both taking the bus into Oaxaca city every day, he to study, and she to work as secretary.  They soon fell in love.

Josefina took to weaving very quickly, including dyeing the wool and designing the patterns. She has even become an accomplished seamstress. Now, she finishes bags for other weavers with her industrial sewing machine.

“I forget the world when I begin to dye the colors,” she said. “The colors are never the same and it’s interesting every time.”