Brianna Rapt In Maille Chainmail Bracelet


Brianna Rapt In Maille Chainmail Bracelet is cuff we can see Brianna wearing.  With a chainmaille diamond center suspended between medium-weight curb chain.  The ends have tapered chain mail, so that no matter which side you view it from, it's beautiful, and entirely logical.

The classic and simple slide tube clasp holds Brianna's multi strands in place.

Standard measures 7.5" long
At its widest point, it measures approximately 2"

Composed of durable stainless steel; this metal does not require polishing unless it is soiled.  People with metal allergies are rarely adversely affected by stainless steel.

Gorgeous photos by Audrey Tarris Photography

Made in the USA
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'Slowly, as it always did, the calm inexorable logic of the figures built its web inside her head, trapping all the random thoughts, wrapping the distracting emotions up in silken threads like so many flies. Round the central axis of the problem, logic spun her web, orderly and beautiful as an orb-weaver’s jeweled confection.'  Brianna Drums of Autumn, by Diana Gabaldon, from her Outlander Series

Daughter of Claire and Jaime, Brianna strongly resembles her father, standing at about six feet tall, with waist-length hair the color of a red deer's pelt, and slightly slanted blue eyes over high cheekbones. She has large, fine bones, a pointed chin, and her hands are long and slim hands like Claire's. Her mouth is wide with a full bottom lip. Learn more by reading or watching the TV series, Outlander, by Diana Gabaldon

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