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If mystery, beauty, philosophy, wisdom and Love captivate your soul, Cassandra is for you. She's the pendulum for affirmation; that is utilizing the creative force within each of us to 'see' our future.  I was once told, 'Dream Big'!  Daydream, or see your life beautifully, filled with wonder, ease, and joy.  Cassandra, and all the great witches of the ages will come to your aide, empowering your vision to make it happen.

One of our absolute favorite pieces, Cassandra Spike Chain-mail Necklace begins with a die-cast spike, which is captured by a chain-mail knot. A graduated "rope" is woven on top to mimic the shape of the spike, in reverse, mirroring its form with a fascinating and lovely web of links.

Slip necklace over your head with any outfit.
Continuous 32" chain with no clasp.

Composed of durable stainless steel; a metal that does not require polishing unless it is soiled.  People with metal allergies are rarely adversely affected by stainless steel. 

Gorgeous photos by Michael Coakes:

Complimentary Gift Pouch

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