Fossilized Woolly Mammoth Damascus 4" Knife | MOP and Onyx Inlay | Santa Fe Stoneworks

$ 289.99

He'll carry this gorgeous tool everywhere, with its Fossilized Woolly Mammoth in multi shades of brown, silver/pewter mineral matrix,and handsome 'raindrop' Damascus blade and Liner Lock Closure.

The undersides of Woolly Mammoth tusks often show wear, suggesting that these prehistoric animals used them to scrape snow and ice off of the ground cover of the vegetation they were eating. They also used their tusks for protection from predators, attraction during mating and as a display of dominance to other Woolly Mammoths. Santa Fe Stoneworks (SFSW) proudly show their respect by using this awe inspiring material in their best knives.

Damascus Steel is characterized by its strength, edge holding ability, forgiving nature, and its dramatic appearance. The Damascus Steel used in SFSW knives comes from Japan and is called, "Sanmai Damascus", or Sandwich Damascus.  There is a core of vg-10 steel with 16 layers of stainless steel on each side, to produce a rust free blade that will handle a full range of cutting tasks.

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Measures 4" Closed

Santa Fe Stoneworks is a family run business, we are proud to work with!

Body and inlay handle made in the USA
High Quality Damascus Blade made in Japan
Liner Lock Closure

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