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In many of the Native American traditions, the Bear is one with magical powers.  She is also the healer, which is why her totem is used prominently in medicine work.  A wise animal, the bear fearlessly leads others, she's also known to enjoy smelling the honey, and gorging on berries, not to mention she likes to sleep! She's the spirit animal I most identify with!

From our Spirit Animal and Yellowstone Collections, this is the larger or our Carved Bear Pendants.  Visit our small Carved Bear Pendant here.

Spirit animals, or animal allies as they're sometime called, are an embodied form of a spiritual guide that help us to navigate through uncertainty, and to empower us in any given moment.  Find yours here.

Although you might mistake her for carved ivory, the intricate details are carved from Water Buffalo Bone. Water Buffalo have buttressed man's survival with their meat, hides, horns, milk, cheese, butterfat, and power, transporting people and crops for more than 5000 years.  All parts are used, including their bones...and sometimes to make beautiful artworks such as this pendant!  if you haven't tried Buffalo Mozzarella, you haven't lived!  I recommend the Italian imports.

Our carved animals are proudly featured in the upcoming Fall Issue of Cowboys And Indians Magazine!  #cowboysandindiansmagazine 

Included in our Spirit Animal and Yellowstone Collections #spiritanimal #medicineanimal #yellowstonecollection #yellowstonetv #bear #bearnecklace

Measures approximately 2.25" tall 1-1/8" at widest point. 1/2" deep.
Bale clears a 3/8" silver, leather, Navajo Pearl, coral or turquoise necklace. 
Ask if you'd like me to send a complimentary small leather or suede necklace.

Besides wearing this pendant as a necklace for protection, you might want to fasten this awesome talisman to your favorite hat, purse, or saddle!  Insert it into a cabinet door, a headboard.  Hang it next to your bathroom mirror, or float it above a doorway in your barn!  It will bring the spirit of the bear wherever it's worn or placed!

Materials: Carved Water Buffalo Bone, Silver Base Metal Frame
Lovely Detailed Floral Backside

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