Natural Turquoise Pendant Necklace w Ruby Stud Small | Yellowstone Spirit Southwestern Collection

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A striking artwork to  wear or hang in a home, office or barn, our Mid-Sized Natural Turquoise Pendant Necklace features a bright blue turquoise teardrop embellishing the front of the large bale, as well aa a ruby stud at the top!  Zigzag, or hashtag patterns circle the egde of the silver colored base metal frame, like a straw protection circle.  Brass fills some of the natural negative spaces, and bright blue turquoise chips details add interest.
The turquoise varies from yellow-green to aqua and bright blue.  Natural turquoise is unique to each piece. 

From our Yellowstone Collection, this pendant necklace is a great addition to any collector's bounty.  #yellowstonetv #yellowstoneranch #yellowstonecollection #turquoisecollector

Proudly featured in the upcoming Fall Issue of Cowboys and Indians Magazine! #cowboysandindiansmagazine 

Measures approximately 3.5" tall 2" at widest point.
Bale clears a 1/2" silver, leather, Navajo Pearl, coral or turquoise necklace. 
Ask if you'd like me to send a turquoise tinted wood or small leather necklace.

Materials: Turquoise with gold brass inlay and bright blue turquoise chips, turquiose teardrop, ruby within base metal. Backside is a garden

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