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She's the Goddess of springtime, whose love of pomegranates sealed her fate, and perhaps ours, that winter should return each year, after being abducted to the underworld by Hades.  Persephone, also called Proserpina in Roman mythology, is a figure of strength.  Though she must return to winter each year, her promise of spring's return is what always guides me through those long nights.

Our chic Persephone, chain-mail necklace is a marriage of fine chains with chunky, light catching chains, joined by Melissa Banks hand made links, and ending in a tassel of swish.

Adjustable with a large lobster clasp.

Composed of Stainless Steel, which doesn't require polishing.
Those with metal allergies are rarely allergic to Stainless Steel. 

Gorgeous photos by Audrey Tarris Photography

Complimentary Gift Pouch
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