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'Possibility' is the enchanting new Time Traveler Journal from Paperblanks.  As enthralling as the front is, the backside of this fine journal continues its dreamlike saga, with bubble-blowing children who float with Goldfish, and slumber within a night of magical delight.

Paperblanks always manages to find multi-dimension in their beautiful journals.  In this 'Wonder & Imagination' series, they do so with intense, striking color contrasts, and show us glitter put to great use!  Your imagination will be kick-started as you begin writing and drawing in this sweet book.

The boundless dreams of childhood are within reach in the enchanting works of Victor Nizovtsev. Nizovtsev, who now resides in Maryland, was born in 1965 in Ulan-Ude, Siberia. At age seven he began attending art school and later studied at the elite Vera Mukhina University for Industrial Arts in St. Petersburg, Russia. Technically brilliant and encompassing both academic formalism and surrealism, his work hearkens back to the golden age of children’s book illustration. His subjects invoke the fantastic figures that linger deep in our collective imaginations and his techniques, such as the use of translucent glazes, bewitch with color and light.

The artist’s stated hope that his paintings “will give people a small taste of their childhood and will inspire their own stories” is a gleaming sliver of the magic they conjure in the eye of the viewer. Within the art of Nizovtsev, the infinite possibilities of childhood are awakened – expansive opportunities just waiting to be discovered. 

Visit all our Wonder & Imagination Series: AnticipationIdentity, and Imagination, to further your otherworldly explorations, and may your journey be an magical one!

Memento Pouch
Red Ribbon Marker
Smyth Swen Binding
Acid-Free, Sustainable Paper
176 Line Pages 
Measures 4.75" x 6.75"
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Designed in Canada

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