Tristania Rapt In Maille Stainless Steel Bracelet

An excellent example of a woman who saw a vision for herself, and went for it! After studying the origins and historical applications of maille as the medieval knights had worn for protection under their armor, Melissa Banks taught herself how to link together the basic chain-maille pattern and used the technique as the basis for her senior thesis project.  It started making sense that her initial path in engineering had transformed itself to a path in the arts with a focus on the precise and mathematical construction of a metal fabric patiently built link by link. And Rapt In Maille was born. You go girl!  Few artists have mastered this art.

Tristania; a smashing, medium width bracelet with chain-maille sections at either end and different textures of chain strung between.  See alternate views for chain-maille details and tube clasp closure.

The wonderful tube clasp gives Tristania's multi strands its order; holding the chains in line. 

Standard measures 7.5" long
At its widest point, it measures approximately 1.75"

Please, don't forget to review your Rapt In Maille creation when you've worn them.  We want to hear what you think!

Composed of durable stainless steel; this metal does not require polishing unless it is soiled.  People with metal allergies are rarely adversely affected by stainless steel.

Gorgeous photos by Audrey Tarris Photography
Made in the USA

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Repeat Offender

I just can't get enough of this bracelet. I tactfully suggested that my husband get this beauty for me for Christmas last year. Since that time, my friends and Goddaughter have shared that they too ‘must’ have this very versatile bobble. Needless to say, the Tristania Rapt In Maille Stainless Steel Bracelet has made it into my shopping cart on more than one occasion. Enjoy dressing it up or down…whatever your fancy. I am confident in saying that you are sure to love this wonderful attention getter.

Am thrilled as ever to bring you and your lovely ladies such joy. That's the goal here! Thanks for telling us about it my friend! Andrea