Vein Turquoise Santa Fe Stoneworks Waiters Corkscrew

At, 'Functional Beauty' is our motto where it comes to the utilitarian objects we bring into our lives.  I was taken by this philosophical choice when I read the book 'Art Nouveau Bing: Paris style 1900', by Gabriel P. Weisberg, about the visionary Siegfried Bing who brought this Asian concept to Europe and the West with the 'Art Nouveau' movement.  I decided to adopt it myself, and have never looked back!

Vein Turquoise Santa Fe Stoneworks Waiters Corkscrew has everything you need to open your wine bottle in style, and most definitely fills the 'Functional Beauty' ticket. 

Enjoy your wine!

Note: Inlay is single-sided
The 'Knife-Keep' feature tucks the foil knife away when you lift the bottle opener/leveraging tool into position.

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