Vintage Navajo Badger Claw Turquoise Necklace

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The badger teaches us persistence and continue through our lessons.
This spirit animal is known for her cleverness, her security, friendship, and gratitude.  Wearing the Vintage Navajo Badger Claw Turquoise Silver Necklace reminds us to walk with clarity, keeping the end-goal in our mind.

This powerful Navajo made necklace has a silver foundation and honors the tribal traditions. The badger is the Keeper of Stories. 'Badger is a keeper of knowledge of the Earth and her animals. In her dens below the ground, she hears the Earth speak and knows much about Her wholeness. Badger brings these stories she hears far below the ground up into the light and tells them to the children of the Earth. She sees below the surface of life and understands what she sees and hears. So she is the Story Teller of the animal kingdom.' (SpeakerForTheAnimals_Blogspot)

Five genuine claws are capped in Sterling, under a display of natural, Loan Mountain Turquoise Nuggets.

Center pendant measures 2-1/2" long x 1" wide.

Pieces are strung on graduating 8mm-10mm hand seamed, bench beads.
Necklace length, including clasp is 19".

Scratched 'TS' initials by jeweler.  He/she is unknown.

Real stones vary in color and matrix, assuring that yours is a one of a kind necklace.

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These earrings are special ordered from the Navajo artists in Arizona. 
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