Virginia City Large Filament Globe Light Bulb

The globe of all globe lamps, our Virginia City Oversized Filament Light Bulb is a big, fat WOW! at 12 voluptuous inches.  If you're looking for statement at the ranch, barn or office, here's your chance.  Cluster several of these big bad boys, or compose an ensemble of shapes with the Virginia City at center.

Old West and Old World homes and ranches held a warmth in their interiors from candlelight and the hearth, and at the advent of the Edison bulb, which cast a distinctive amber light that emanated from their glowing filaments. Our filament light bulbs are modern replicas on a grande scale, ranging from 9" to 17" pear shaped, egg shaped, and the classic 'A' lamp, with its sensuous teardrop body.

Inspired by the original light bulb invented by Thomas Edison, these vintage style bulbs create a unique ambient glow that's unparalleled by the common incandescent bulb.  Made with Tungsten filament, like the original.  Best enjoyed with a lamp or pendant where the bulb is exposed. 

Measures 8" x 12"
Wattage: 60 Watts
Average Life: 3000 hours
Lumens: 160
Base: E26
Bulb Only; does not include the pendant fixture.
Dimmable: Yes
CRI: 90
Volts: 120
Color: Golden
Material: Glass
Style: Vintage
Color Temperature: 2200

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Also available in low watt LED version.

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