Alexis Sensation SG Liquid Silver Bracelet

$ 238.99

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Oh...what a sensation Alexis is!  This is her daughter, Andrea speaking.  My Mom is not only a sensation, she's a phenomena!  She's not aging and she's full of so much passion for everything from Cavalier King Charles dogs, to planning to build her Japanese Country Pole house, I get dizzy watching her go!  Perhaps she was struck by some cosmic force that effects cell growth...I haven't figured it out, I only wish I had more of her genes.

Alexis and I were both overcome with joy when we got our hands on this bracelet, from the Liquid Metal Together Collection. The pattern is subtle, with rows of horizontal negative spaces.  Without a doubt, it's an artwork to behold!  Hmmmm...maybe it's the bracelet that's keeping her young!

Antique Silver plated
Easy double snap closure
Measures 7.75" x 2-3/16"
Made in the USA.

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Authentic Sergio Gutierrez Design ~ SG Liquid Metal Jewelry
Complimentary Velvet Pouch

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