Our Philosophy

I'm Andrea, the creator of ObjectsOfBeauty.com.

I'm passionate about living a beautiful life, and explore
situations that bring me joy and feelings of love. 

Beauty in nature, in my relationships, my inner-self and the
treasures I seek out to share on this site fulfill me beyond measure.
I strive to be better every day, and carry this approach through to
my website.  I invite everyone who walks through my cyber-door,
who takes in my moving and sometimes silly newsletters,
or who I happen upon in my travels to embrace the same.

My goal is to leave you transformed by a wonderful experience; 
I want you to be thrilled not only with your purchases,
but with each step that it took to complete them. 

And if this isn't the moment to be bringing new belongings into your life,
I hope that these treasures, or my stories and revelations
will inspire and propel you toward beauty, joy, Love and positive thoughts!

This website, is like a magical living room where you can dream
the sensuous into your life... to wrap slinky bracelets around your
wrists, drape yourself in new or vintage Native American made
turquoise necklaces, cuffs and rings. 
You'll become known for the exotic bags you find here,
and I hope you'll join me in heart and spirit as we sip from
the magical elixir that copper vessels imbue to our water,
 mocktails and cocktails. Just holding these profoundly crafted works,
and having their amber light spread throughout our environments, onto our
faces and the faces of those near us is enough to warm the soul!

Such can also be said of the incredible knives I represent. 
These inlaid abalone, Woolly Mammoth, turquoise and
Damascus bladed beauties are such wonders to carry
and to gift to others... they'll never forget who was so thoughtful!

A huge part of my delight is receiving the unique
stories my customers share with me.
I invite you to join our community:
Please share your photographs, videos and stories!