Our History

I'm Andrea Record, owner and founder of ObjectsofBeauty.com.
If you are new to our site, welcome!
I'm so pleased your cyber travels have brought you to us!
For those of you looking for LiquidMetalJewelry.com, you've found us!
Due to trademark issues, we were forced to close that site in early 2016.
Worry not, we are the same people who've been serving you 
for the last 8 years and have changed in name alone.

We’re excited to be able to bring you more beautiful jewelry, art,
and wonderful things for your home than ever before. 
I have long been fascinated with all things beautiful and sensuous, and for the past 16 years I have relished sharing the treasures I discover with my customers. 
Studio Nouveau, my “brick and mortar” store on the stunning Sonoma County coast, resides inside the most darling little gingerbread house you’ll ever see.
I opened my doors in May 2000 with a line of lamps I designed and sculpted myself. These Art Nouveau-inspired beauties featured tree root bases, copper stems, and copper mesh shades. My fascination with Art Nouveau with its organic,
nature-inspired designs drove me to Europe, where I sought old and new
Art Nouveau reproductions to continue filling my shop.
When I branched into carrying the sensuous and artful Liquid Metal Jewelry by Colombian designer Sergio Guterriez, I was thrilled by the amazing response it received from my customers. I launched my first website, StudioNouveau.com, in 2004 to share it with a broader audience. I followed it with LiquidMetalJewelry.com in 2008.  
Many other artists have blessed my little shop with their visions. Painters, photographers, and a host of other incredible jewelers. Moroccan spices, Armenian and Italian delicacies, and decadent chocolates from many nations have adorned our shelves and helped create our loyal following of customers. Now with ObjectsofBeauty.com, I’m excited to bring more of the unique treasures I've discovered to my web customers. 
Stay tuned as our treasures unfold, and never hesitate to call us.
Local 707 865 2461  Toll Free  877 899 7007