Welcome to ObjectsofBeauty.com, a lovingly curated collection of beautiful and beguiling jewelry, art, and adornments for you and your home. We feature the largest selection of Liquid Metal Jewelry by SG Liquid Metal®, as well as the wonderful woven Fair Trade bags of Manos Zapotcas, hand-hammered copper delights from Sertodo Copper, and the most luxurious natural skincare from Rosemira. Peruse the Collections tab above to see all the treasures we've gathered for you from these and other lines. 

For those of you looking for LiquidMetalJewelry.com, you've found us again!
Due to trademark issues, we were forced to close that site in early 2016. 
Worry not, we are the same people who've been serving you for
the last 8 years and have changed in name alone.

When shopping with us, we hope you have a delightful, inspiring experience.
Our small team of knowledgeable women will be happy to answer
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Our wish is that you'll come here not only to shop, but to fall in love a little…
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and stories you encounter here linger on in your mind.

Have great fun!