Care and Cleaning for Liquid Metal Jewelry

We're often asked by customers how we recommend they clean their beloved Liquid Metal jewels. Here's what we do.

Firstly, let me begin by explaining that Liquid Metal Jewelry comes in several different finishes; nickel being most common.  Some collections are composed of an antique- silver finish, there are three gold finishes, (24K Antique, Bright and Rose gold)  and Sergio has just brought back his black chrome finish.  

The beautiful thing about nickel is that it doesn't tarnish.  We love how easy it is to care for, and the color is a lovely silver.  However, it can get dirty over time.

Sunshine Polishing Cloths are our tool of choice to clean all of our Liquid Metal collections.  They are embedded with that gentle polishing medium called jeweler's rouge, which cleans and brightens metal with special, non-toxic, non-scratch microfiber abrasives. Follow the link, because we're now listing them for sale!

If you get something sticky on your bracelet, you may use a mild soap and warm water to wash and rinse it with.  Dawn dish washing soap is known to bring out the brilliance in metals.  Make sure to thoroughly dry it out afterwards, in a soft towel and follow with Sunshine buffing.

Many metals, including silver and gold, will eventually tarnish when exposed to the air.  This is a natural, oxidation process.  Some people like the patina that comes with a tarnish and choose to leave it that way.  If you prefer a shiny finish, any jeweler's polishing cloth will remove the tarnish.  Using medium pressure, gently rub the surface.  I sometime fold the cloth over both the top and bottom of the article I'm polishing, and rub back and forth between my thumb and fingers.

***  WARNING: 
 Do not use any liquid cleaners on Liquid Metal Jewelry. They are made with harsh chemicals and will eat through the finish of Liquid Metal Jewelry. 

 Side note: Sergio does not re-plate any finishes, except for his gold finishes.

We recommend sipping on a Moscow Mule  whilst polishing your Liquid Metal Jewelry. It'll enhance your polishing experience!