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Beautifully crafted in Colorado USA is our Beth Dutton and Navajo style inspired  Yellowstone Spirit Man's Turquoise Ring!  Based on the ring worn by Beth Dutton, played by actress Kelly Reilly on the TV show Yellowstone, as well as Navajo influenced.  With Kingman Turquoise and Sterling Silver!

Looking for an unusual and special wedding or anniversary ring?  Consider a Turquoise Ring for these reasons;
Every marriage must be built on trust. Women's and men's Turquoise engagement and wedding rings can fortify this trust, and be a constant reminder throughout your marriage. This is due to the spiritual qualities of the turquoise itself, and with your intention that is magnified.  Turquoise is also a stone that promotes happiness, which imo is the best foundation to build a marriage upon.  Luck, wealth and faithfulness are also known attributes of this, literally heavenly stone.  Turquoise is known by some Native American tribes as “Stone of Heaven”, due to it's ability to bridge the wearer to the spiritual realm.

If your size needs to be crafted, you may select the turquoise stone from our stock.  Colors range from bright blue to aqua to green with all sorts of matrix variations.  Just ask for what you'd like!

Stamped Sterling
Genuine Kingman Turquoise
13.5 is pictured and available to ship now.  Other sizes are Made to Order

You may also specify stone size and select from artist's collection!

Note that Beth Dutton wears two different rings, one with a plain shank and the other with a triple shank.

This, our version #1 has a simple twisted bezel. 
Also available is #2 with a more ornate twisted bezel.
Stay tuned for one with the plain bezel coming soon!

This is a part of our Yellowstone Spirit Southwestern Collection, our Turquoise Heaven Collection, and featured in Cowboys & Indians Magazine!

Kingman Turquoise stones are gorgeous, ranging from bright blue to soft turquoise with brown matrix, blue-green and everything in between. Note that stones are unique, and will vary in shape and matrix.  Ask for texted image of actual ring you're purchasing, or to select a stone to have one made.

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