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Some of the oldest civilizations recognize the elegant swallow as a positive symbol of luck, prosperity, and fidelity. These striking creatures of flight flit through villages and forests like light beams, and do so with such grace, focus and zeal, they represent Freedom and Hope.  Swallows are widely regarded as good omens, and when you're also carrying the Eye of the Medicine Man with you, as featured in the center of this handsome Southwestern duffel bag, you're virtually guaranteed to faire well on your travels!

Earthy brown, tan, grey and orange settle into a creamy white backdrop.  This is a duffel for trekkers, and Native American design lovers, making it a wonderful traveler's companion. Speaking of companion, now you have something to smuggle your beloved dog, cat, ferret or monkey into the movies! 

Yellowstone TV and Cowboys and Indians Magazine fans and Jet-Setters rejoice! This large duffel bag folds down to pack away so you can bring back goodies from your trips, and is so soft you can use as a pillow when you're traveling.  It will fit under an airline seat because it's  malleable and squishes down to adapt to confined spaces and your wishes.

Fret not if you're afraid the white will become soiled; a couple of coats of Scotch Guard will deter dirt from invading your beloved duffel for years.

Dual suede handles and corners are soft and durable, Fortune's Keep Duffel Bag has all the features one needs for jumping on a train, plane, jeep or trek across your favorite mountain range; with rubber feet, inside pockets and a strong zipper!  A perfect duffel bag, to tote your essentials on a vision quest, overnight or week long adventures.

Fortune's Keep, with its Southwest, Navajo and Zapotec Native American designs makes a great man, woman or child's bag, and a wonderful Diaper Bag!

May the Shaman watch over whatever path you choose!

Durable and Soft Handwoven Acrylic
Zipper closure
Fully lined Cotton Interior
2 Interior Pockets
Measures Approximately 22"H x 10"W x 12" H 

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Diedre Studholme
Beautiful, well made duffel ba

I could not be happier with the southwestern duffel bag I ordered. it's as beautiful as the pictures show it to be & excellent quality as well. Pricing & shipping service were also excellent. I will be ordering more things from Objects of Beauty in the future and highly recommend doing business with them