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Another of the most sensational knives I've ever laid eyes and hands on, our 3" Blue Bonita Nugget Turquoise with Pyrite Matrix, lock-back close, and the most exquisite raindrop Damascus blade.  Artisan crafted in Santa Fe, NM by awesome, family run Santa Fe Stoneworks! 

Bonita Blue Turquoise has exceptional blue coloring that contrasts beautifully with the Pyrite matrix.  It's mined in the Sonoran desert and we have the privilege to offer this beautiful material for a limited time, until our supply of this extraordinarily beautiful material is exhausted.

Functional, beautiful and of the highest quality.

Measures 3" Closed - 5.25" Open

Santa Fe Stoneworks is a family run business, we are proud to work with!  Their pocket knives, cork screws, letter openers, money clips, etc. make wonderful gifts for men and women.

Variation on this knife: Blue Bonita Nugget Turquoise with Pyrite Matrix in  4" Damascus or plain blade.

Made in the USA

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Customer Reviews

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Great gift!

This knife is so beautiful! It was a perfect Christmas gift for my 12 year old. Even he appreciated the beauty and craftsmanship of this knife.

I think it's wonderful when adults give gifts of fine knives to mature children, both boys and girls. And fine gifts of any type teach children to appreciate craftsmanship, as your son does.. to know the difference between something well made and something cheap. It teaches them values, not to mention the skill of safely operating a knife, and different ways to utilize and care for them. Kudos to you for gifting him with this treasure. And Thank you for shopping on my site! I hope you both have a marvelous New Year!

Barbara Adams

My knife is beautiful!! I love it !!

Yay! Merry Christmas to YOU Barbara, and Thanks Again!