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With its Deco lines, and sensuous feel, our Cleopatra Queen SG Liquid Silver Necklace appears to have stepped out of mid 20's.  This artful piece from Sergio Gutierrez can be dressed up or down, hopping a cable car in San Francisco, or sipping a martini in The Big Apple!

Measures 18” x 1”
Easy Snap Closure
Made in the USA

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And what a Queen she was...

Charisma, wit, intelligence, love for her people, her land and a dedicated understanding of perfumery and it’s effects on others are some of the attributes that Cleopatra is known for.

If she was not a great beauty, a subject that has been hotly debated over the centuries, Cleopatra most certainly could captivate anyone in the room with her presence, her charm and her voice; one that was particularly sweet.  Cleopatra was a devoutly spiritual woman, who worshiped the pagan rituals of Isis.  She was considered the embodiment of Isis' daughter.

This great queen was Greek.  She came from a line of rulers called the Ptolemy, whose reign began at the fall of Alexander the Great.  Cleopatra was not only the last of the Egyptian Pharaohs, she was the only one to take the time to learn the Egyptian language.  Early on, she co-ruled with her two brothers, both whom she married; though they died as adolescents.   Inter-familial marriage was common practice in the Ptolomy dynasty.

Cleopatra won the heart of Julius Caesar, after escaping a near execution from one of those brothers, by presenting herself, rolled up in a fine Persian carpet at Caesar’s feet. Their love affair carried on until his murder.

Though she bore him a son, "Caesarion", meaning "Little Caesar", Roman sentiment did not allow him the throne, and the co-rulership fell to Caesar's nephew, Octavian, and (much to Cleopatra's delight) Mark Antony.  Oh my what a delicious fellow he was!  She bore three children to Mark Antony.

This most fabulous of historic sagas continues in another Liquid Metal Story.  Keep a lookout for more of them.

aping a near execution from one of those brothers, by presenting herself, rolled up in a fine Persian carpet at Caesar’s feet. Their love affair carried on until his murder.

Customer Reviews

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Sabrina Merino
Great customer service

The necklace is nice, stylish, and has a good weight to it. I appreciate that the seller is very attentive and puts a lot of detail into the order, with the note, the chocolate, and the wrapping. It makes me feel good buying from her.

I'm pleased to have you for a customer Sabrina! Thanks for the sweet review and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and yours!

Amy Caroline Harper
In LOVE!!!!

As always!! Andrea patiently & helpfully helped me pick out this necklace! I skipped over it on the website but when I saw it in person and tried it on!??!! OMG! It feels SO comfy on! And is gorgeous!! I'm so happy with this purchase!! Highly recommend this necklace! Thank you Andrea! Your amazing!

As always, I'm thrilled to bring you more exciting lovelies to add to your collection Amy.
It was great fun meeting with you.. looking forward to more in this glorious New Year!!!

Debbie Damiano

I ordered a bracelet just year and love it. This new order included a necklace, earrings and another bracelet. The jewelry is unique, made well, and is beautiful. I love this site and all that they sell.