Pandora SG Liquid Metal Bracelet

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When Pandora first appeared before gods and mortals, wonder seized them as they looked upon her.  Pandora, the first woman, also known as the "All Giving" Goddess was a version of Mother Earth, sustainer of life.  Mistranslated as the keeper of a box, in fact Pandora was the keeper of a jar which contained all known evils.  Tempted by curiosity and its great beauty, (who wouldn't be?), Pandora tried to seal the opened the jar after unknowingly releasing its nasty contents.  She was unable to do so, but for one tiny little item...and that was Hope.

Pandora SG Liquid Metal Bracelet is our reminder of Hope.  She lusciously covers the wrist and arm, in diamond mesh patterns dotted with hope. 

Shown also with Magdalena's Star

The three snaps close one of the widest of all Sergio's Liquid Metal Bracelets.

Standard size measures 7.75" x 3.5" from tip to tip at small end.
Easy 3 snap closure
; One side measures longer than the other, for better fit up as the bracelet moves up the arm.

Made in the USA
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Authentic Sergio Gutierrez Design ~ SG Liquid Metal Jewelry
Complimentary Velvet Pouch

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Customer Reviews

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I received this beautiful bracelet from my sisters, we all have them. It's very beautiful and very comfortable to wear. It can be worn with jeans or you can wear a dress in dress up your outfit.

beautiful piece of jewelry

Love this so beautiful.

Chuck Gray

Her coworkers in the office are very jealous of the gift my wife is about to receive!