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Native American Indians believe that all things contain a power within them. This power is not limited to human beings alone. It resides in animals, trees, rocks, mountains and even the air and clouds.  This power, or force is known as Wakanda, Orenda and Manitou.  The Mystics Handwoven Wool Tote is an homage to those gifted individuals, both Native American, and of all walks of life who hold this profound understanding. As I ponder the features, so beautifully woven into this tote bag, I feel the presence of these spirits who watch over us.  Zapotec Indian made in Oaxaca in natural shades of undyed wool, gray, black, and cream. Iconic arrow designs represent prosperity and the 'good hunt'. 

Adjustable leather shoulder strap
Sturdy zipper closure
Lined interior with one pocket

Note:  I don't always stock this beautiful tote.  If I have to order it for you, the sale will be final, with no exchanges or refunds.

Measures 13.5" H x 18" W x 3.5" D
100% wool
Genuine leather

The weaving alone takes about 3 days for each bag.  If sprayed with a waterproofing agent before use, the rich colors will retain their vibrancy, and inhibit dirt and spills from soiling this beautiful bag.

Manos Zapotecas is a Member of the Fair Trade Federation.
All artists are paid fairly for their time and artistic skills.

By earning fair wages, our weavers can feed and educate their families while making enough profit to grow their businesses.  With your help, we are investing in their future.

Made by Malena and Hugo in the Oaxaca, Mexico
Artisan Malena has always been known for her ready smile and many jokes. Nowadays, she is also known as one of Manos Zapotecas’ most popular designers and she is such a pleasure to work with because of her easy, affable nature.

Yellowstone TV and Cowboys & Indians Magazine Lovers Rejoice! This is part of our Yellowstone Spirit Southwestern Collection.

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