Liquid Metal Bracelet Sizing

There is a drop down box on the order page that will allow you to order different sizes

Bracelets are measured from tip to tip. 
We stand a ruler or tape measure up vertically, hold the tip of the bracelet at the top and
read the measurement where it ends at the bottom.

There is a 1/2" overlap at the snap.  Please allow at least one additional 1/2" for movement.

Most commonly, but not always, standard sized bracelets measure 7.5".
Add 1" to your wrist size and that measurement is the bracelet that should fit you well.

Less commonly, are the wider bracelets, and some of those from Sergio's Together Collection, which measure larger than 7.5".  Each style varies, so you may need to add more than 1" to your wrist size to find the best wider bracelet fit. Locate the style's standard size in its description.  If it measures 7.75", add 1.25" to your wrist size.If it measures 8", add 1.5" to your wrist size.

Minis bracelets closure is usually a claw type.  Because there isn't an overlap, (as with the snaps closure) Mini bracelets tend to run large.  Depending on how you prefer the fit, you may want to order a smaller length on minis.
Sizing for Andrea's Cat bracelet only: If you'd like this bracelet to come down onto the hand, as pictured, select a size more than an inch bigger than your wrist size; using + 1/4" increments. The further onto hand you'd like it to fall, the larger the size you should select.
Here are some guidelines to fit most bracelets whose standard size measure 7.5":
If your wrist measures 6.5", order a standard size, 7.5"
If you measure 6" or a little smaller, order a 7"
If you measure 7" or a little larger, order a 8"

If you measure 7-1/2" or a little larger,order a 8.5"

Special note: Sizes listed in the drop down menu do not necessarily indicate that we have them in stock.
If the item/size you select is back ordered or must be ordered, it can take 8 to 10 weeks to receive them.
Liquid Metal Jewelry is hand crafted, to order.
If you select and order something that is not in stock, it will be ordered and will ship to you the day it comes in. 
Our website charges customer's credit cards at the time they place their order.

Please call if you wish to know what we presently have in stock or expect soon, or if you need assistance with sizing.  We are open from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Seven days a week.  Never hesitate to call us;  Local 707 865 2461 or Toll Free 877 899 7007