Sergio Gutierrez of Liquid Metal Jewelry

Liquid Metal Jewelry is designed by Sergio Gutierrez.
Colombian born, Sergio is known for this sensuous line of jewelry, a line adored by people the world over and cherished by many celebrities.
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Sergio studied electronic engineering while living in Medellin, Colombia. 
In 1991 he moved to San Francisco, California where he began experimenting with soldered ball chain. Using this technique, he began fabricating the a mesh-like fabric that is Liquid Metal Jewelry. 

In 2003, Sergio was granted a patent for creating a unique technique he named, "Liquid Microchip". 

Details from computer circuitry are used as decorative elements in some of his designs. 
Sergio fondly refers to them as "Skeletons of today's inside technology". 
You can see these in our Microchip Diamond, Fountain of Youth and Morticia's Wings bracelets.

Betsy Johnson was the first designer who approached Sergio about creating exclusive
designs for her chain of retail stores.  She carried his line for two years. Sergio continues to delight and wow us with his unique artistry.

In 2015, Sergio's creations took a turn when be merged his famous soldered ball-chain with chain mail (links which are fastened together to form a mesh.).
Most of these exciting new designs are available in retail stores only.  Come and visit us soon!  Local 707 865 1810  Toll Free 877 899 7007