Shipping and VAT Taxes

In the last 6 months or year, regretfully, USPS has taken a turn for the worse, and shipping times are generally  taking 2 to 3 days longer than they used to, to arrive in U.S. destinations.  This means expect them to arrive 3 to 5 days from when they ship.  I honestly hope they get it together in the near future.

UPS Ground (United Parcel Service) packages generally take 2 to 3 days to reach most U.S. destinations, except during the holiday season when they can take longer. If you wish to receive something sooner, I recommend selecting UPS 2 Day.  These are guaranteed to arrive in 2 days and run around $15 in the US.

UPS also offers express service.  These packages run around $50 in the US.

I'm located in a small village in the mountains with USPS departing as early as
8 a.m.  UPS leaves at around 1:30 to 2:00 p.m.,

Express shipments will go into that box if I have sufficient time to prepare your package. Please contact me via phone SC Cell 707 779 9707 if you're looking to get something fast, so I'm aware of it.

During the Christmas season, I recommend 2nd Day UPS for two weeks before Christmas.  This will insure your package arrives in time for the tree.

International Orders:
Orders are shipped USPS (United States Postal Service), unless you're willing to pay the additional costs that UPS charges.  You can only track USPS packages up to our border.  Once they leave our U.S. border they are transferred to the destination country's postal system and we are no longer able to track them until they arrive at their destination, at which time they're scanned, "Received". 

When can I expect my international order?:
The length of time it takes a package to arrive to you depends on what happens after it leaves our border.  Packages will generally arrive at our border in two or three days, at which point it is transferred to the destination country's postal service.  Each country processes mail differently. It can take 3 days to receive a package in Europe, or it can take a month.  We ask that you be patient when awaiting orders.  We send you your package's tracking info when the label is generated, which you'll be able to track up to our border.  It will be scanned when it arrives at it's final destination.  The whereabouts of packages will be unknown to all of us between those two places.  In most cases, after one week to 10 days, you can call your local customs department or your postal center with the tracking number you'll have received in your email box and they will tell you if they've received it.

Customs Holding:
Various customs offices will often hold packages for unreasonable time periods, often because they are waiting for you to come looking for it to collect the VAT tax fees.

We email a tracking number to our customers when we print the postage. 
If you're expecting a package and wish to know its whereabouts, we recommend you call your customs office, or local post office with that tracking number, and ask if they're holding it.  If they are, they'll release it to you upon payment of VAT.

VAT Tax:
Please be aware of your country's VAT fees and local taxes and plan to pay those upon receipt of shipments.  Each country has a different fee structure.  It is the customer's responsibility to know their country's policies. I often check the "Return" box on the customs form in order to attempt to save you that VAT fee.
It sometimes works, and sometimes doesn't work.  I make no guarantees.
Countries, like those in Great Brittan since Brexit charge phenomenally high taxes.
I'm sorry about that and wish I could find a way around it!