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Andrea Record: My story

In the magnificent year, 2000, I met Billy White just as I was becoming serious about training my voice.  I studied vocals with the fantastic Sarah Baker in Sonoma county for a couple of years, and met Billy at the beginning of that journey.  I will say that no matter the subject, be it vocals, horseback riding, or who you study with, you learn by doing, and I spent hours everyday honing, searching for and eventually finding my voice.  The first songs I wrote came to me early in my studies, and are included in this collection of recordings.

Billy White was from Indiana.  He was and is a professional printer, a watchmaker and has developed a line of real crystal watch crystals for old and new pocket watches.  He's brilliant and his brain is wired for excellence. He's married to a lovely artist, Marissa, and his son Oliver spent several years training with the SF Ballet.
Coming from a bass background, Billy masterfully plays guitar, lays awesome drum tracks with live brushes and will make music with anything you put in his hands. He's engineered high quality recordings of world renowned musicians he hosted at the Jenner Music Series in the early 2000's, where the Russian River meets the Pacific Ocean in California.

David, whom everyone else calls Dave Malm came into my life in around 2003.  He recently passed, but thankfully I was able to capture some of his genius in several of the recordings found here.  David could listen to a song once and remember all its nuances, He was great fun to play with, always game for trying something new, and he floated when he played piano, guitar, bass or synthesizer.  Like Billy, Dave laid great drum tracks and recorded from his home studio. I miss him terribly.

Of the 8 songs in this collection, I wrote 7 of them a cappella.  My songs are complete with lyrics, melodies, harmonies and I can sing them anywhere.  However, besides my voice I've never mastered an instrument.  Thankfully I met these two wonderful men and after singing these songs, they each created worlds around them and took them to places I'd never have found.  I will forever be grateful for these profound connections and the musical offspring that came from them.  

I sincerely hope you enjoy them!

I've written songs I still hope to record, but I'm now on the other side of the country from the musicians I knew.
If you are or know of a fine guitarist, I've several songs that have never been recorded that would be wonderful to flesh out.  

Note all songs on this CD are copyrighted.  I may be interested in licensing them or selling the copyright to the right artist.