Azurite Oval Ring for Man or Woman | Yellowstone Spirit Southwestern Collection

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A very large ring for the man or woman who adores gorgeous stones, this Grand-Daddy is a whopper! 

Riding high on Taylor Sheridan and Kevin Costner's TV series, Yellowstone, I've searched high and low to bring you turquoise rings like those that Kelly Reilly's Beth Dutton and Gill Birmingham's Chief Thomas Rainwater.  Along the way I discovered some other amazing stones that rival turquoise, including this Azurite Oval!  Priced well, and adjustable to fit any medium to extra large finger!   Wear it with a scarf or Wild-Rag too!

Azurite is a stone  that's connected to inner vision. Throughout the whole of history, mystics and healers have turned to Azurite to help them connect with spirit guides.  Azurite also works to remove blockages from endless energy points, keeping those sweet vibrations flowing.

Affordable YellowstoneTV Rings in Southwestern Style

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This collection will adjust to your finger size!
Hallmarked Sterling 925
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