Boston Maraka Sertodo Copper Shaker Set | Yellowstone Spirit Southwestern Collection

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Sertodo created our Boston Maraka Shaker Set for the professional bartender or serious connoisseur. The elegance of this copper shaker set will bring a little bit of ‘shock and awe’ to your martini presentation or even your most esoteric cocktail.  Inspired by the ‘Boston Shaker,’ the Maraca Shaker Set comes with one 18 ounce cup and one 30 ounce cup, a standard fit with class and panache!  

This set is essential for The Mixologist World!

• Boston style shaker set, the go to choice for the professional bartender or serious connoisseur, no stuck caps or clogged strainers

• 18 fl oz cup seats into the 30 fl oz cup for shaking the perfect cocktail or multiple cocktails at once

• The unique style and superior quality of all Sertodo Copper-ware gives beautiful service that lasts for generations.

• Heavy gauge, Pure copper from 100% recycled sources for a healthier Environment

• Copper is an inherently clean material with strong natural antimicrobial, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Shown with Double Sided Copper Jigger, 18 oz. Moscow Mules, and Thessaly Square Tray.

Made In Austin, Texas USA and Santa Clara del Cobre, Michoacan Mexico

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