Cleopatra’s Kiss SG Liquid Metal Necklace

$ 100.99

Did Cleopatra’s kiss reclaim an empire?

Cleopatra's seduction of Julius Caesar is legendary. But what really turned Caesars head?
Was it the depths of Cleopatra’s eyes that held the mysteries of the pyramids, or the jewelry she wore that sparkled brighter than the morning sun across the Nile?

Or maybe, just maybe it was as simple as a kiss. Cleopatra’s Kiss SG Liquid Metal Necklace is a very powerful kiss!

There are matching earrings, Racer, Cobra and King; as well as compatible bracelets, Cassia, Calpurnia, and Cicera.

Measures 18" x 1/2"
Easy claw closure
Made in the USA

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Authentic Sergio Gutierrez Design ~ SG Liquid Metal Jewelry
Complimentary Velvet Pouch
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